When the mind dives deep in meditation, beyond thinking and is settled during transcending, then your body gains rest deeper than sleep. The unique changes during this type of meditation, correct the malfunctioning that overwhelming events have impacted on both mind and body.

Disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, have low heritability, are caused by adversity, involving symptoms that seem to be adaptive responses to stress.

Often clients come to me looking for a natural way to treat depression and anxiety. The root cause or big life event which triggered the adaptive response has, in effect, activated chemical and physical imbalances throughout your nervous system.

The result is often excessive thinking driven by high cortisol (anxiety) and over time this fatigues your body leading to low serotonin levels (depression). 20 minutes of transcending in meditation can reduce cortisol for example, by 40%, thus reducing the minds stimulation and the amount of thoughts. Serotonin levels triple in the first few months of meditating, re enlivening the natural production of serotonin which substitution can erode.

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“After a mere 20 minutes of meditation, I have observed a significant change to the way my brain works and handles day to day tasks and situations”
– Dave T

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This comprehensive course includes so much more than just a life-long technique, this program will take you on a transformational journey and give you a newfound holistic approach to life.

Whether you seek an improvement in your health and peace of mind, performance at work, or confidence and happiness, transcending in meditation is the tool for you. This technique will help to promote resilience to life challenges and improve relationships while simultaneously treating and safeguarding against mental imbalances such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress and lack of satisfaction in life.

Transcending in meditation is the most life-changing technique you’ll ever learn

Join Suzanne for a Live Intro online. Learn about the most effective stress-management tool, backed by decades of research and more than 5000 years of anecdotal evidence.

Transcending is always taught in person face to face. The traditional authentic way for a Teacher to give you the effortless experience of transcending thought. Then knowledge sessions and tuning of your technique in the following days make you an independent meditator, reliably getting benefits. And when you get the benefits of meditation you keep on meditating!

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