There are 3 types of meditation-transcending is ‘medical grade’ meditation, unlike focus or contemplation type techniques transcending significantly re sets your nervous system during meditation.

The mind sets the pace for physical functioning. Transcending results in calmer mental activity during meditation than in other techniques.  The consequence is rest twice as deep as sleep. Only when we gain profound rest can the body activate its self healing mechanisms, dissolving the chemical and structural impacts from stress that corrode health.

Deep seated stress and fatigue cause 90% of poor health. Stress affects us differently – some may have insomnia or headaches, others may feel anxious or depressed, while others develop serious ailments such as high blood pressure or cardio-vascular disease, largely depending on your body-type. All these diseases are stress related, and improve with regular practise of meditation which provides deep physical rest to enliven your bodies inner healing intelligence.

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Holistic benefits are seen in every area of health from increased fertility to reduced pain, symptoms disappear as functionality regains balance, and chronic conditions improve cumulatively. ie: lower blood pressure and quality sleep are regularly recorded on personal health devices within days.

Consciousness is the intelligence that creates physiology. Transcending we innocently experience and enliven our bodies inner intelligence, re setting healthy functioning. My meditators continually tell me that this course has transformed not only their health, but their entire outlook and life as a whole.

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“It has given me the greatest gift of being able to switch off, recover, sleep, remain calm and deliver mindfulness to my everyday. Meditation has become a sort of everyday sanctuary for me. I highly recommend that anyone who feels busy, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, or angry complete Suzannes meditation course. It’s made an enormously positive impact on my life.”
– Belinda P

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This comprehensive course includes so much more than just a life-long technique, this program will take you on a transformational journey and give you a newfound holistic approach to life.

Whether you seek an improvement in your health and peace of mind, performance at work, or confidence and happiness, transcending in meditation is the tool for you. This technique will help to promote resilience and improve relationships while simultaneously treating and safeguarding against mental imbalances such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress and lack of satisfaction in life.

Transcending in meditation is the most life-changing technique you’ll ever learn

Join Suzanne for a Live Intro Class Online and learn about the most effective stress-management tool, backed by 25 years of scientific research and more than 5000 years of anecdotal evidence.

Transcending is always taught in person face to face. This is traditional authentic way for a Teacher to give you the effortless experience of transcending thought. Knowledge sessions and tuning of your technique in the following days make you an independent meditator, reliably getting benefits. When you get the full benefits of meditation you keep on meditating!

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