Meditation is not a moment to swim about on the surface of the mind and contemplate ideas. Meditation is an opportunity to dive deep and catch more powerful and intuitive levels of thought.

Experience a feeling of freedom and expanded inner awareness, which corresponds to marked slowing of the breath and increased brain wave (EEG) coherence, a measure of brain integration that is associated with higher levels of creativity.

As we reduce mental activity we increase order.

A unique benefit of transcending during meditation is the experience of coherent brain functioning. This brings the whole brain online.

However you fire your brain during meditation, wires it to perform that way after meditation. The result is information travels through more areas of the cortex then, after meditation and we see the world in high definition. Comprehending more deeply as a result of the experience in meditation, we spontaneously gain new perspectives. This is the neurophysiology of expanded perception  and increased creativity.

“Those who meditate, their awareness becomes familiar with these finer values of thinking where the thinking sprouts – this level becomes lively. This is softest thinking. In the softest thinking the creativity is maximum. So when we meditate we become familiar with the deeper, finer levels of thought process, then we think from the most powerful level of creativity” – Maharishi 21/4/2004
(Maharishi brought Transcendental Meditation out to the west and polarised it around the world. It was my greatest fortune to have Maharishi as my Teacher)

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“It has given me the greatest gift of being able to switch off, recover, sleep, remain calm and deliver mindfulness to my everyday. Meditation has become a sort of everyday sanctuary for me. I highly recommend that anyone who feels busy, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, or angry complete Suzannes meditation course. It’s made an enormously positive impact on my life.”
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This comprehensive course includes so much more than just a life-long technique, this program will take you on a transformational journey and give you a newfound holistic approach to life.

Whether you seek an improvement in your health and peace of mind, performance at work, or confidence and happiness, transcending in meditation is the tool for you. This technique will help to promote resilience and improve relationships while simultaneously treating and safeguarding against mental imbalances such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress and lack of satisfaction in life.

Transcending in meditation is the most life-changing technique you’ll ever learn

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Transcending is always taught in person face to face. The traditional authentic way for a Teacher to give you the effortless experience of transcending thought. Then knowledge sessions and tuning of your technique in the following days make you an independent meditator, reliably getting benefits. And when you get the benefits of meditation you keep on meditating!

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