Mornington Meditation Centre

Now you can easily access my expert knowledge of meditation. Whether you’re new to meditation and mindfulness, or you’re an advanced practitioner, find the most effective and enjoyable meditation practice for peace of mind by learning to go beyond the busy surface when you transcend the thinking mind with Suzanne.


82a Wilsons Rd

  • 30 minutes easy drive from Mentone
  • 25 minutes from Cranbourne
  • 20 minutes from Seaford, Balnarring and Rosebud
  • 10 minutes from Mount Martha and Mt Elisa
82a Wilsons, Mornington VIC 3931

Please call Suzanne on
0488 762 577 for help to book a Meditation Course.

Course Structure & Prices

Course or personal 1:1 instruction  - Please read below before you book.

Private daytime, evening classes are available. Chadstone courses pls contact us

  •  Courses start weekly in Mornington and alternate between daytime, weekend and after hours courses. Personal times are available.
  • Session 1 Select your preferred time for personal instruction face to face from the available HIGHLIGHTED time slots, i.e. 1 - 2 pm, 6-7pm etc
  • The 3 consecutive days' of sessions are automatically applied once you select your preferred Day 1 time. Alternate sessions possible.
  • Session 4 and 5  are available live online or in person. (Day 1,2 & 3 are in person.)
  • Personal 1:1 courses are available and best booked by  caling  0488 762 577

Select Day/Month

Course Structure & Prices

Taught in-person over 4 consecutive days, 90 mins per day with Suzanne Edwards.

Day 1 – Each person receives their own personal instruction tailored to their nervous system and learning style. Face to face with Suzanne. 60 mins

Days 2, 3 & 4 – Interactive sessions lead by Suzanne face to face along with a small cohort who started same day as you did. We will tune up your technique plus gain knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of the technique to ensure effective meditation independently. We will explore the science of stress, the effect it has on the mind and body as well as diving deeper into profound Vedic knowledge.

Day 11– Interactive session lead by Suzanne online. Small group along with the cohort who started same day as you did. Gain deeper knowledge to complement your on-going meditation practice.

About a month in Schedule a personal one on one session with Suzanne to check your technique-30mins. You think it’s great and are enjoying the benefits but I know from decades of experience how to tweak your technique and overcome any habits ensuring you enjoy maximum benefits.

By the end of the course you will be a confident, independent meditator.

Be a part of our meditation community with access to free on-going support

  • Lifetime access to group meditations (online & in-person).
  • Ability to re-sit sessions 2-5 at any time free of charge.
  • Members login for advanced courses and events, retreat days, deeper knowledge and monthly newsletter.

Please note a $100.00 deposit is required to secure your course booking/s.
Balance can be paid in monthly instalments or in full on commencement of course.

Standard Adult

Total $990.00
$147 x 6 mths

Concession Adult

Total $550.00
$75 x 6 mths


Total $1990.00
$315 x 6 mths

School Students
10-18 years

Total $330.00
$57.50 x 4 mths

Primary Students
Childrens' Technique 4-10 years, Personal Instruction 60 mins day 1, personal follow up 20 mins on day 2 and 10.

Total $220.00
$60 x 2 mths

Clear and focus your mind

A fantastic way to clear and focus your mind. I have more energy and can get a lot more completed in my day than I could previously, and with zero stress. Suzanne is a fantastic facilitator and teacher and I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their life.

Steve B, 2017

Helped me deal with anxiety and depression without medication

I have been practicing since March 2014, and I can’t imagine my life without it. Helped me deal with anxiety and depression without medication. I wouldn’t have gotten through my divorce and all the “stuff” that goes along with it, as well as I have without meditating daily. I am more focused and more productive at work. I am a much better Mum when I have done my meditation. Even my 6yr old son Ethan has learnt. I have received great support from Suzanne and would highly recommend everyone learn Transcending in  Meditation, for personal or business reasons. It’s a life skill that you can take anywhere.”

Renee, learnt March 2014 still going strong in 2022

“I didn’t realise I had anxiety until it disappeared after one week. I learnt to transcend the thinking mind and get soo much deeper in my meditations.Now I realise how clear and calm the mind can be. I’m happier, sleep better and don’t get irritated with my staff”.

Jamie D, 2019

I knew on day one this was what I'd been looking for after trying other techniques

After the first day of personal instruction, I felt a shift. I felt more peaceful, centered and less anxious. Intuitively, I knew this was what I had been looking for after trying other meditation techniques which seemed to have little effect. Suzanne is a beautiful teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and I’ll be recommending her to all my friends. Great tool for life. Thanks again.

Cindy, learnt in 2015 still meditating in 2022

calmer happier more centred

I have done many meditation techniques, but Transcending is the best. On day one  I found the amazing benefits & life-transforming experience. Within a few days, I already felt calmer, happier & more centred. Suzanne is a beautiful teacher & Mornington was the perfect, serene venue. I recommend to anyone and everyone!

Sarah C, 2015


Lifetime access to group meditations (online & in-person). The ability to re-sit the course at any time for FREE (3 days). Members area login and newsletters.

“It has given me the greatest gift of being able to switch off, recover, sleep, remain calm and deliver mindfulness to my everyday. Meditation has become a sort of everyday sanctuary for me. I highly recommend that anyone who feels busy, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, or angry complete Suzannes meditation course. It’s made an enormously positive impact on my life.”
– Belinda P