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Ayurveda enlivens your bodies inner intelligence creating perfect health. Ayurveda is the traditional, time tested, and individualised healthcare system from India that promotes balance and reverses ageing. It’s personalised health care for your unique body type. This is the knowledge that integrates well-being coaching and ancient techniques – empowering you to thrive.

We are all unique. Our interaction with food, climate, and experiences, creates different impacts on how our body functions. Your ability to metabolise all of this is called digestion in Ayurveda, no wonder diet and digestion are the primary focus of Ayurvedic medicine.

Take the Dosha body type quiz to reveal your current state of balance and understand how to regain your true nature. Are you vata, pitta or kapha?

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Suzanne has 30 years of private practice experience in Ayurveda and has helped thousands of clients. In your personal consultation you will learn how and why any health imbalances have arisen. Then gain tailored simple yet effective strategies to restore balance and enliven your body’s own healing process.

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Pulse Diagnosis

With three fingers on your radial pulse Suzanne uses the traditional technique passed to her from the worlds best Vaidyas-Ayurvedic Doctors. Pulse diagnosis operates at the junction point between consciousness and its fluctuations, between your body and its guiding inner intelligence. In you pulse we identify your true nature-your balance of the governing principles-the doshas, any imbalances, from where they originate and which layers of your body need enlivening to re gain wholeness and balanced functioning. Suzannes’ many years experience and training then distill this into simple solutions and recommendations that fit your lifestyle and address your individual biography. It only takes one step in the right direction to make a huge change in your well being-lets make it happen.

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“With 3 fingers on the radial pulse Suzanne had a full history and understood how I felt, then explained my symptoms to me. She then tailored recommendations Im really enjoying doing that brought me back to wellness, invaluable knowledge that’s missing from healthcare today.”
– Melissa P

How to maintain a healthy digestive fire

There is an Ayurvedic saying “A person with strong digestion can make nectar out of poison while a person with weak digestion can turn nectar into poison.” My focus is to help you create or maintain a healthy digestive fire. When your digestive fire, called ‘agni’ is strong then food is digested well, nutrients nourish your cells, waste products are released efficiently and a vital essence called ojas is produced. Ayurvedic texts explain that ojas is the basis of one’s physical strength, immunity, clarity of perception, happiness, enlightenment and longevity. If you are interested in exploring the unique and comprehensive world of Ayurveda please book a consult with Suzanne.

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Suzanne Edwards

Suzanne has studied Meditation, Ayurveda and Vedic knowledge in India, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In 1994 she left her former career and trained under Vaidya Rao intensively overseas, then in 1997 in training in Holland with Vaidya Moss to manage chronic diseases via Ayurveda. She became a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1995 and has taught meditation and consulted in Ayurveda continuously, throughout Melbourne for 27 years. Suzanne has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life: families, children, in healthcare, education and corporate businesses. She now operates as an independent meditation teacher and consults via her private practises in Brighton, Ringwood and Mornington.

Suzanne is passionate about empowering people with techniques that enable them to re-engineer their lives from the inside out. Her approach is complementary and synthesises the best of modern science with ancient consciousness based practices. She dedicates herself solely to working with people to maximise health and success in their personal and professional lives. You can benefit from her practical approach, deep knowledge and decades of experience.

Suzanne is an accomplished communicator who is a delight to learn from and as many testimonials reveal, known for her generosity, connection with clients and professionalism. She has endeared herself to many.  Suzanne feels blessed to live a unique union of career, passion and life purpose.

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