Meditation is mainstream, we all want the benefits but how to motivate ourselves to keep on doing it everyday?

If the technique is easy and you see a significant benefit in your day, only then will you meditate regularly. If you dont enjoy or dont see  big benefits every time you meditate, why would you continue? This is why the type of meditation and your choice of a teacher is extremely important. And why I only teach in person face to face, to ensure you learn a long term reliable skill.

Enjoy this video of an interview with Suzanne Edwards, she has been teaching TM for 20 years in Melbourne. Her insights into the difference between different types of meditation, how meditation works and what it does to your mind, body and behaviour give an in depth understanding of the mechanics of the mind body connection.

Your most important step is to find a meditation teacher and meditation practice. Do this right and if you learn to meditate properly you can independently meditating for years.

Suzanne explains
“Meditation is the process by which we shape the brain, train the brain to stay online and integrated even while in the midst of dynamic activity. The more of your brain working together the greater the understanding, higher definition the perception and deeper the impressions from the experience. Your brain changes 70% of its connections daily, yep daily and meditating is the tool to create higher states of consciousness, a term that actually just means greater brain integration. This integration directly corresponds to you ability for clearer thinking, decision making processes, contemplation, moral reasoning, creativity, imagination and lets not forget the way you think is the basis of everything you do.”

Check out the video below then book into one of Suzanne’s Introductions to meditation they are free and well after listening to her interview I’m sure you will agree, very enlightening.