A recent study conducted by Jean Hailes Womens Health found Australian women worry most about healthy living, yet women’s heart health is a greater health risk.

What women worry about most

  1. Weight management, physical activity, ageing, fatigue and diet where our main health concerns.
  2. Followed by Cancer, in particular breast cancer (yet we are many times more likely to die of heart disease), skin and ovarian cancer.
  3. Mental and emotional health, depression, anxiety, memory, dementia and stress.
  4. Cardiovascular disease- heart health, high blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol.
  5. Sexual health, particularly painful sex.

As a meditation teacher and coach I find this list fascinating, the body of growing research on the benefits of Meditation that creates a restful alert state such as when transcending thought, reads very closely to the above…

  1. One year of practice can reverse your bodies age by 5 years biologically!
  2. Health insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield found members who practised TM-a branded form of transcending meditation, where 74% less likely to develop cancers.
  3. Twice as effective as contemplation and concentration techniques in reducing anxiety. Every week I teach many regular meditators who have tried a selection of techniques looking to stain the benefits of meditation. Without fail, they experience transcending is easier, the course sessions provide deeper understanding of the technique and all see greater benefit after 3 days than weeks or months with other techniques.
  4. Cardiovascular patients who learnt were half as likely to have a cardiovascular issue. ie I have a client who had such high blood pressure he needed to get it down in order for it to be safe to have a triple heart bypass, due to his blocked arteries. Frank was portly, nearly 50 and stressed. His wife and he joined that weeks course, he was skeptical, which is not issue as you dont have to believe anything to take the course. Having failed the BP levels to be admitted for the operation he started the course and was monitoring his BP multiple times a day. By day 3 the other new meditators where noticing such a difference in his demeanour, they couldn’t help but mention it to Frank. His wife also had a few antidotes which revealed a turn around in his reactions and routine, he was sleeping deeply.Frank returned to his cardiologist and came to the session on day 4 beaming, “The Doc said his BP has significantly improved in 4 days. On our 5th session 10 days after starting Frank told the group about his near normal blood pressure, improved sleep and more patient behaviour. He was a new man. A month after starting he checked in with the surgeon, who told him he didnt need a by pass-his arteries where significantly clearer and suggested a follow up in 3 months. By pass averted, BP near normal what a great result for Frank and his family.

If sitting comfortably on the couch with eyes closed doing an easy, effortless, pleasant mental technique could alleviate us of even one of these concerns, why aren’t we all taking up that option?

Do we believe meditation is too difficult, requires focus and skill?

Meditation is easy, so easy a child can do it, Instead of dealing with problems on the level of the problem, be smart and practical and bring in a new element, a new skill to develop your full potential, dissolve the chemical side effects of stress and increase your inner happiness to bliss level!