Support your kids learning so they can become their best and fulfill their full potential. Transcendental Meditation is unique, even a child can do it. TM reduces stress and improves learning ability. Children have to be in a calm brain state and emotionally ready to learn before education can have a lasting effect. Exam time generally means stress, pressure, sleep deficit increases and brain integration decreases as a result, the oppose of what your child needs to be their best in exams. TM is simple, natural, portable and effortless, a tool to keep the brain online, calm, memory improves, decision making ability and comprehension increase. Given the effort and energy we put into our children’s education TM is cheap insurance, it ensures the most fundamental element in education, their brain is switched on and capable of learning.

There have been dozens of studies on the effects of TM on students, one found that regular Transcendental Meditation practice can significantly reduce anxiety and increase resilience among urban youth. The study was conducted by WestEd, a respected educational research, development, and service agency. Students involved in the study also self-reported increased happiness and self-confidence, and improved sleep.

Read more about the study here. Your whole school may not be ready to introduce TM yet, but your whole family can learn and practise for 10 minutes on the journey to and from school and have all the benefits.