Meditation is a universal skill, anyone of any religion, culture and educational background can learn and enjoy the benefits of this type of meditation. Transcendence is available to all,  it requires no belief system, is non religious but it just may help you comprehend deeper values of your culture or religion. It’s so universal you don’t even have to believe you can do this type of meditation or understand it intellectually and it will still be super effective.

Recently some TM teachers went into Thailand at the invitation of a senior monk and started teaching in the monasteries. This resulted in nearly 10,000 Buddhist monks learning and now enjoy twice daily practice of transcending in their daily routine. There was no conflict with their Buddhist culture, the technique was embraced as in alignment with the  deepest value of their traditional beliefs. Transcending  provided the experience of the eternal inner field of harmony, bliss and compassion which resides within and is shared by us all. A field transcendental to thought, speech and action, beyond the reach of concentration and contemplation techniques.

There is a great need for the core of our cultural beliefs to be re-enlivened, for silence to be valued in our day and with it comes stress relief. The rest, which is twice as deep as sleep, and the clarify which arises from the experience of brain integration during transcending along with the happiness deep inside that colours life after the experience during meditation, are universally appealing and needed in our fast paced, fragmented world.

Orphaned and at risk girls in Thailand now practice TM at the only boarding Buddhist school in Thailand. The head nun at the school and principle states “It is us our duty to give them warmth, love and understanding. I would like to see our students grow in the right direction and be good citizens of society. I want to see them graduate from college so they are able to support themselves. When they have their own families, I want them to be good mothers for their children. So we can free our society from the vicious cycle it’s in today.”

If you would like to learn non religious meditation that’s traditional, time tested and authentic, then book into a Live Intro Online and get a little silence and bliss in your mind. It just might be the opening to something very special in your life.