The sun rises later, sets earlier and has moved to the south. This heralds the coming of Autumn and is considered in Ayurveda to be the sandhi or gap between two seasons.

This seasonal change has begun to be reflected in the pulses of people who are coming now for a seasonal pulse check in preparation for the coming of Autumn. Why? Because they have felt the benefit of a gentle seasonal cleanse or re-set in helping prevent or minimise seasonal flu, coughs and colds, especially during the change from Summer to Autumn and Autumn to Winter.

 Benefits of a Seasonal Cleanse  
The need for a seasonal cleanse is most important to maintain strong immunity with a healthy respiratory system and a robust digestive system. At the end of a season and as the new season starts, the impurities that have accumulated during the previous season are released into the bloodstream for removal. For example, the excess accumulation of heat, acidity, impurities from incomplete digestion and environmental toxins during summer begin to be released into your bloodstream for cleansing at this time of the year. A seasonal cleanse works in with what nature is doing at this time and helps to remove these accumulated toxins from your system.

During summer the body expands to keep the organs cooler, cleansing now utilises these open channels before the cooler weather closes the gaps to keep the organs warm in winter.

Excess heat or pitta left in the system is aggravated by the windy weather of autumn approaching, this ‘wind; blows on the ‘fire’ of pitta flaring up body functions such as: our emotions, feelings of irritability, impatience, plus inflammation, digestive disturbances, skin rashes, itchy red blotches, hot flashes during the night etc. Removing the excess pitta and undigested toxins at this junction between the seasons,prevents them impacting deeper into the body where they lay the seeds for future disease.

Seasonal Reset and Protection from Viruses
Your body is constantly identifying invading viruses or bacteria and killing them off before they have a chance to flourish. If the accumulated impurities at the end of a season are left circulating and not cleansed then the immune system can become overloaded making a person vulnerable to circulating viruses or bacterial infections. This practice of a seasonal reset helps a person to optimise their wellbeing and is true prevention. It is particularly important when we consider prevention is better than a cure.

To help restore balance I tailor to your individual needs and routine a gentle digestive reset including:

(for example if you experience acidity, indigestion or reflux or feel low appetite and have sluggish elimination or are in the office all day different cleanses are appropriate)

All this information is available in your pulse, learn more

Helpful Herbals

  • Herbal formulas taken before or after eating breakfast, lunch and evening meal to support cleansing of the digestive tract and to promote the easy release of stored impurities.
  • Teas made of the water born part of herbs to cleanse and flush the lymphatic system
  • Specific techniques to balance the doshas and organ functioning recommended in a personal consult
  • Rasayanas to nourish the cleaned tissues build strength and promote longevity.

Diet and Behaviour General Recommendations During your Digestive Reset

  • Eat 3 meals a day at regular intervals with hunger. If you’re not hungry then do not eat, instead, sip your detox tea. Recipe below.
  • Have your main quantity of food at lunchtime and eat a light evening meal by 6 pm. Favour Pitta reducing food for the next 2 weeks but avoid raw foods. Prefer lightly cooked vegetables and tree-ripened fruits that are best taken for morning tea.
  • Breakfast take stewed apple/pear cooked with 1-3 cloves and add to it either 2-3 figs or 6-8 prunes.
  • Sit to eat with full attention and chew well as digestion starts in the mouth.
  • Have a brisk 30-minute walk ideally in the morning close to sunrise.
  • Light food: Avoid raw food and animal protein; reduce intake of fat; take freshly cooked meals; avoid hard cheeses, sour cream, fried foods and yoghurt. If you would find it difficult to use lentils and beans or chickpeas as your main source of protein over this time then take a moderate amount of lean animal protein, seafood or fish at your lunch meal only.
  • Take more rest – Go to bed by 9.30-10 pm if possible.

Detox Tea
Boil 2 L of water in the morning. Add:

  • ¼ tsp of whole cumin
  • 1/2tsp of whole coriander
  • ½ tsp of whole fennel.

Let steep for ten minutes with the lid on. Strain out the spices and pour the water into a thermos and sip at a comfortable temperature every 30 minutes during the day. Start fresh by making a new batch of tea each morning.

Start with the Digestive Reset dietary recommendations and Detox Tea (above) for 7-14 days and then return to your normal diet while taking the herbs and following the recommendations tailored to your situation and health status recommended in a personal Ayurveda consult. Finish with rasayanas recommended in your consult to nourish the cleaned tissues and create resilience to winters seasonal effects.

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