Keeping the sinus passages and brain stem moist and clear of pollutants, viral and bacterial growth is especially important in todays world. The benefits of sniffing sesame oil up your nose and plenty and well documented.

What is nasya? The nasal inhalation of herbalized oils into the sinuses, which has many benefits. In my opinion, the most unique benefit is supporting cleansing of lymphatic vessels in the brain called the sagittal sinus or tarpaka kapha. The saggital sinus is just under the skull on the top of the head in the pattern of a mohawk haircut.

While this technique has been practiced for thousands of years, it hasn’t been long since Western medicine discovered lymphatic vessels in the sagittal sinus that literally drain some three pounds of toxic chemicals and plaque out of the brain each year while we sleep.

Until this recent research, Western medicine thought both the brain and central nervous system were completely devoid of lymphatic vessels.

According to Ayurveda, when these lymphatic channels become congested, toxins can build up in the brain and cause serious physical, mental, emotional, and psychological imbalances. It’s said that these lymphatic vessels constrict as a result of trauma, which causes us to bury the memories. This process allows us to move through hardships and continue with our lives, but can drive emotional patterns into the unconscious, where they can distort our decisions and reactions longterm. 


“Nasya enhances the bio-film in the lining of the nostrils which is the “security gate” to your brain and respiratory tract.”

Adding oils that penetrate and re open the sinus passages allows us to function physically and emotionally in  a more balanced way. Nasya enhances the bio-film in the lining of the nostrils which is the “security gate” to your brain and respiratory tract. The addition of herbs, using the traditional ayurvedic methods to ‘cook’ herbs into the oil, can scrape out and remove toxins. This  takes nasya to another level. The growth of viruses and bacteria in this moist warm environment can be prevented by doing nasya regularly. Sesame oil, organic and cold pressed, usually cured to assist the penetration is the favoured oil to use. Coconut is too cooling and cannot penetrate to dissolve toxins from the tissues lining your sinuses.

 How to do nasya? I suggest keeping your nasya oil with your toothbrush and adding 1-2 drops of oil to each nostril then giving it a good sniff up thru the sinus and onto brain stem twice a day. There are a couple of methods you can try out to see which suits you.

Alternatively pop a small amount of your oil into a small glass jar and coat each little finger with oil, place -wipe the oil in the nostrils and sniff, opening and closing the nostrils, while inhaling deeply.


  • The take a couple deep nasal breaths.
  • After a large exhale, using an eye dropper, or separate little finger for each nostril place two or three drops of the nasya oil directly into both nostrils.
  • Then, with one big inhale, sniff oil quickly and deeply into sinus cavity: hold both nostrils closed, release, and breathe in through the nose while rapidly closing and opening the nostrils.
  • Book now to sniff deeply and spit as needed