Sleep glorious sleep

-lets improve your quality of sleep

It may seem like our body is just resting, a lot more than that is happening while we are asleep. During deep sleep, the body’s major organs and systems are working on repairing and regenerating, as well as the mind/body ‘digesting’ our day. We wanted to share with you some more wisdom and techniques to help you improve your sleep to get the quality rest and rejuvenation you deserve

Insomnia, which can increase the risk of most degenerative diseases is mostly caused by stress. When we are under stress, cortisol levels (stress fighting hormones) do not decrease, rather they keep us revved up throughout the night and we don’t have the energy to calm them back down.

  1. Those of you who have learnt to meditate properly ie transcend during meditation and get rest deeper than sleep can reduce your cortisol in one meditation more than over a nights sleep, so meditating regularly will certainly be my first tip for improving the qualty of your sleep.

2.  Modern science has once again proved ancient wisdom by showing milk has certain peptides that lower cortisol and support sleep by 50%. The improvements of sleep are remarkable:

  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Supports more restorative sleep
  • Provides relaxation at the level needed for sleep
  • Calms anxiety
  • These peptides further support digestion, emotional state, cognitive function and even cardiovascular function.

Interestingly, these peptides in milk activate GABA receptors. Pharmaceutical drugs that are widely used as sedatives for stress, anxiety, and sleep target these same GABA receptors


Even if you sleep well, this night-time tonic will not only upgrade your sleep to be deeper and restful, but also build your Ojas.

Ojas (OH-jas) is considered to be the most refined by-product of digestion, said to reside in the heart. Ayurveda considers ojas to be a bio-celestial substance that is our vital essence.

Our vitality, immunity, vigour, skin, sleep, digestion, spirituality and physical strength are all directly influenced by our reserve of ojas.

Ojas builds our inner silence. It Increases the ability to genetically connect with the circadian rhythms of nature,  allowing the body to resonate with these rhythms and thrive.

Building ojas is an art. Yoga, pranayama breathing exercises, meditation, spending time in nature, sleeping at the right times, laughing, showing love and affection and giving to others, spending time being creative, relaxing, and doing things that make you happy all build ojas.

One of the best ways to consistently build ojas is to eat a diet of fresh, unprocessed whole foods in the appropriate season.

There are certain foods and herbs in Ayurveda that are great ojas-builders. These were traditionally blended with warm milk and taken before bed as a sleep aid and an ojas-builder.


Super Sleep Recipe

Hot Milk Elixir with Spices

  • Boil 3/4 cup of un-homogenised cows milk + 3/4 cup of water. You can adjust the ratio according to your taste and digestion – more creamy or more diluted.
  • After you turn the stove on, add 2 strands of saffron + 1 chopped medjool date + 3 crushed and peeled almonds. Boil till it fully foams up (and is about overflow out of the pot)
  • For extra digestive boost and purity, you can let it sit for a few minutes before boiling it again till it foams up. Repeat this process a total of 3 times (including the first boil).
  • After the milk has boiledadd a pinch of:
  • cardamom powder
  • cinnamon powder
  • ginger powder
  • turmericpowder
  • a small pinch of black pepper
  • ½-1tsp ghee.

*Note you can add or subtract the spices and the food items according to your taste and liking.

Stir well and enjoy.

Hot Milk Elixir with Therapeutic Herbs

Boil 3/4 cup of un-homogenised cows milk + 3/4 cup of water. You can adjust the ratio according to your taste and digestion.

  • Boil till it fully froths up-watch it doesn t bil over!
  • For extra digestive boost and purity, you can let it sit for a few seconds before re-boiling it again till it froths up. Repeat this process a total of 3 times
  • After the milk has boiled, 1/2 to 1tsp of ghee.

Stir well and enjoy.


  • Have between dinner and sleep – approx 45 mins before bed.
  • You can even make this your dinner.
  • Drink one cup of the golden milk each night for 3 months to rebuild ojas levels and support sleep patterns.

” I Don’t Do Dairy”

If you are intolerant to dairy, it is probably indigestion, some excess toxins creating allergic inflammatory reactions. Additionally, most milk is difficult to digest because it is unnecessarily homogenised, pasteurised the wrong way, added chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and anti-biotic’s.

However, drink the right milk and correct your digestive strength or agni, and you may find you can slowly introduce this medicinal lactation back into your diet.

It’s easy to find milk that is non-homogenised without all these nasty additives. This has become so popular that mainstream supermarkets in Australia and New Zeland are now selling it. Additionally, most health-food stores will have it.

If you are very sensitive to milk, I suggest first correct agni/digestion, then slowly introduce dairy by drinking thin Lassi with lunch.

You may substitute substitute coconut or (freshly made-without seed oils) almond milk. Though you won’t get the benefits of the milk peptides, you’ll still have a vehicle for the ojas-building foods and herbs and some calming benefits from the warmth of the milk.

Tips to get Quality Sleep

3.  Bedtime by 10 pm

Your body has within it the memory of what is a natural sleep rhythm that provides a daily reset. This can be overridden by mental excitation, frustration, heavy food at night and sensory overload. Create a soothing and relaxing evening routine and make it a habit. The regularity of your evening routine will help the mind settle so that you can more easily slip into blissful sleep.

4. Daily Routine tips to assist your sleep quality

  • The best time for you to lie down to rest is between 9.30- 9.45 pm. The best time for you to wake and rise is 6.00 am
  • Have a warm moderate sized Vata pacify -light, warm, cooked, evening meal by 6-7pm.
  • Have a 10 min easy stroll after dinner to aid digestion and to alert the pineal gland that the sun is setting or has already set. This reduction in light helps your brain prepare for sleep.
  • Wind down for 1.5 to 2 hours prior bed with relaxing activities. Avoid studying, computer work or mental stimulation and movies that are fast paced or violent when winding down.
  • Keep the bedroom as a rest zone, free from EMF, computers, tablets, TV, books, mobile phones
  • for a more comfortable sleep ensure your curtains keep the room dark.
  • natural fibres for bedding and PJs
  • Do not have clocks or any item that shines a light in your bedroom as light can cause the brain to think it’s time to wake or be active.

Start your day well to end it balanced

Waking with the birds when your cortisol levels peak around sunrise and starting the day with ease, ensures you start your day in balance.

Your morning choices contribute to how balanced your body and mind is during the day and in turn at night time. So starting your day in balance makes it a lot easier to be settled in the evening so you can fall asleep by 9.45pm.

• Wake with sunrise naturally when possible.

• Then go to the bathroom. This is the ideal time of the day to have a bowel motion. Next clean your teeth and your tongue if it is coated.

  • Have a drink of lemon or lime juice (4-6 drops) body temperature water and 1 tsp of unheated honey.
  • Next give yourself a 5-10 minute body massage followed by a warm shower.
  • After dressing take 20 minutes for meditation

A quality nights sleep is tested by how fresh you feel in the morning.