Less negative thinking 

is more beneficial than

 increasing your positive thoughts 

Positive thinking and affirmation repeating is a comman way people start out on their self discovery journey. It presumes you are self aware, or at least somewhat aware of your thoughts, enough to recognise they are not moving you in an evolutionary direction, that they are negative. Or just too numberous! Positive thinking then prescribes inserting a phrase you have prepared. All done on the surface level of the mind. Often done while traveling to work, walking the dog or showering.

You may be surprised to learn that, during my 26 years of teaching meditation in Melbourne, many, many people, when they arrive, are not aware of their thoughts. They get overwhelmed by them! Test this out on those around you. Have them sit eyes closed( without preparing them about what you are testing) for 20-30 seconds. Then ask, did you have any thoughts? Many peolpe will, say no! In my experience the answer 100% of the time should be yes.

Thoughts arise from the field of pure consciousness or pure awareness deep inside. They start out as impulses of creativity and energy rising from the field of ultimate energy and intelligence. As our thoughts become less subtle, more ‘solid’ and ‘rise’ through the nervous system, thoughts can be percieved as images, feelings, emotions, ‘ah ha’ or intuitive moments. Then as they become more gross as language with meaning once they reach the intellect ‘level’ of the mind. Depending on the clarity of mind your depth of perception will vary from day to day.

Most meditators who experience transcending the thinking intellectual levels of the mind, past the minds chatter, deeper than the ego and slip into the awkeful rest and alertness of transcending become aware of, and then very familiar with these layers of cognition. Meditators are aware of thoughts not just when sitting still but quickly start whittnessing their thoughts at deeper layers more and more frequently in a spontaneous way during activity! This is a sign of developing higher states of consciousness, or more coherence and orderliness in brain functioning. This style consciousness will spread from the experience of transending during meditation into the waking state and activity after meditation.

At this point in their evolution they are fully awake, self referral and self aware in a completely spontaneous way- even when in high pressure, dynamic situations. This is mindfulness on steriods! Without the self brain training program of a mindfulness technique. Or expectation you can intercept run away thoughts. Both  which can be tricky to implement when you are super overwhelmed. Positive thinking works in a similar way to mindfulness in that repeditive insertion of a new pattern of thinking or a phrase with meaning, over writes old wiring but only while you keep inserting the positive reinforcement! Why? Because the re wiring is done in both cases (mindfulness and positive thinking) on the surface level of the mind in the waking state and the deeper layers of habitual wiring remain…

Rather than inserting a new positive impression, the experience of transcending results in a new orderly coherant style of calm clear thinking, spontaneously, after meditation and sustained in the day. This quieter mind, being more balanced in its functioning does not interfere with the thought waves of energy and intelligence moving from the field of evolutonary peaceful pure consciousness towards the surface level of the mind. Its already quiet and calm, so the first aim of positive thinking- to create a more user friendly inner world is achieved. Put simply, a calm mind, balanced chemically and structurally, does not colour your thinking with non evolutionary /negative thoughts. Positive thinking re stains the thoughts to a positive colour once they have burst on the surface level of the mind.

Research agrees reducing negative thoughts is more powerful in effecting the quality and quantity of thoughts then increasing the number of positive thoughts.

When the mind transcends thought in meditation we experience transformational deep rest to dissolve negativity and can then experience life through a balanced nervous system 

Now , every thought we have creates a river of chemical and neural changes. Inserting a positive thought on top doesnt negify this avalanche of imbalanced chemisty our unconscous thoughts are creating. Which in turn lays the seeds for the next throught to be coloured negative by the chemicals from the mental activity. Filtering the mind of unwanted wiring and imbalanced chemicals that might distort the quality of our thoughts (during transcendental meditation) makes inserting positive surface phrases obsolete. Now the second aim of positve thinking is accomplished!

Having a faint desire, in a coherent mind familiar with deeper layers, due to the repeated experience of transcending in meditation, is a profound technology of manifestation.

If you’d like to experience transcending and develop a calm coherent mind effortlessly, get in touch.