Cold and flu season tips from Ayurveda

 Want to prevent getting sick this winter?

Here’s what to do…

  1. Take Ginger pickle and take 1 teaspoon 15 minutes before lunch and evening meals -Mix equal portions in a glass jar and store in the fridge for up to 3 days- Grated fresh ginger, lemon juice, raw unheated honey, and a big pinch of quality celtic or hymalayian salt.
  2. Take a pinch of fennel seeds and chew well then swallow, 5 mins after lunch and evening meals to prevent excess wind or vata in your digestive system.
  3. Take Triphala 1-2 tablets – 1 /2 hour before bed with water
  4. Favour warm, cooked and freshly prepared food and drinks and avoid cold, packaged, frozen  food and drinks and leftovers
  5. Take your largest quantity of food at lunch when digestion is strongest
  6. Have a walk daily outside and on the earth not the concrete pavement. Get as much sun and contact with the earth as possible. Sun exposure can do wonders for your immune system. People who get less sun exposure are twice as likely to get a cough and three times as likely to get a runny nose, compared to those with the most sun exposure. The reason behind this is vitamin D3, which activates immune-boosting proteins. To make sure you are getting an adequate amount of vitamin D3, spend some time outside or supplement with 2,000 to 5,000 IU of quality natural vitamin D3 per day.
  7. Sip hot water that has been boiled for 10 minutes every 20 minutes through the day. (Optional add 1-3 slices of fresh ginger root before boiling)-get a filter for your water that removes fluoride!

It may be too late for prevention, if so:

  1. Tulsi is considered one of the most purifying Ayurvedic herbs. When it comes to colds and flus, tulsi can help reduce headaches and fevers, relieve congestion, and support digestion. Mildly warming, tulsi is known for soothing the nerves, supporting healthy emotions, and enhancing mental clarity. It’s also a great tea when fighting the flu- try drinking one or two cups of tulsi a day, the flavor an important aspect in  helping fight a cold. Note: avoid tulsi during pregnancy or high-pitta conditions like acid reflux or hot flashes
  2. Fresh ginger tea taken as strong as you feel to!Ginger tea is good for more than your digestion—it is also a powerful expectorant and helps get rid of phlegm (kapha dosha). Try a cup of this pungent, warming tea to expel congestion, reduce gas and bloating and support good circulation. Its a great caffeine-free choice for burning off mental fog, enhancing alertness, and sharpening focus while bogged down with the flu.” To make your own ginger tea, steep three to five slices of fresh ginger in boiled hot water. Note: Anyone with ulcers, inflammatory skin conditions, or bleeding disorders should avoid ginger tea.
  3. Tumeric is an immune-boosting spice. There may not be a better herb to amp up the immunity needed to fight off a flu, as it boasts natural anti-viral properties as well as energy, mood, and digestion boosting properties. At the first sign of the flu, simply mix together equally parts raw unheated honey and turmeric powder. Take 1 teaspoon of the paste every few hours away from hot liquids to preserve the delicate honey properties (more here on honey).       To make the formula more potent, mix 16 parts turmeric to 1 part black pepper and make a paste with raw honey, and you’ve got a pretty amazing remedy.
  4. Gargling warm salt water helps loosen any stubborn mucus in the throat and cleans out bacteria and germs. Dissolve a half teaspoon of high-quality Himalayan salt or sea salt into a half cup of warm water. Gargle for at least 30 seconds and repeat twice a day while sick, and at least once a day throughout the week after sickness has cleared up.
  5. Do a little more meditation to boost your immune system, meditating as much as you feel too in between sleeping and staying rugged up inside, while sick in bed.

Luckily Ayurveda has many ways to cleanse years of toxins from your body and remove the waste products blocking your channels. Chat to us today about improving your digestion, eliminating toxins and re enlivening your cells inner intelligence with a personal Ayurveda consult!