Our predominant dosha effects our personality, likes and dislikes and as my greatest mentor Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said -“what’s inside radiates out”.

How does your Ayurvedic body-type effect relationships and behavior? If your are vata predominant then your Vata characteristics interact with others and affect your life.

Let’s look the qualities of Vata:

The basic qualities of Vata are light, dry, and active. As a Vata, you are generally hopeful, sensitive, and social. You can flit almost effortlessly from one experience to another, zooming from one creative peak to another. No wonder people find you inspirational. That is… when you are balanced. When you’re out of balance, you may suffer from social anxiety and go so far avoid social situations of any kind -even a trip to the post office or the grocery store can be a monumental challenge.

When you are around another Vata, it may appear to you (and to those around you) that you have found your soul mate. The two of you will relate to many abstract topics, which others find completely unfathomable, and watching you in action is an art form. However, if you, or the vata with whom you are engaging, is out of balance, communication can break down, resulting in disappointment and even anxiety and fear of commitment. The first sign of imbalance is when you and your Vata friend start speaking at the same time. You may think that you have communicated well, but did the other person even hear you? Remember, “like magnifies like!”

Now, let’s spice things up and see how you do with a Pitta. In Ayurveda, any time you mix Vata with Pitta, you get the qualities of hot, light, and dry. What does that remind you of? If you say a powder keg, you’d be right! Dynamite is related to dynamism, which is exactly what happens when a Vata meets a Pitta.

What you can bring to a Pitta is a spirit of light – heartedness! revealing that there is more to life than following a very disciplined program.

Pittas can also keep your Vata on its toes, as Pittas are very task oriented, and you… well, lets just say that keeping on course just isn’t your thing, baby. You have SO many ideas! But we digress (too much Vata no doubt). An unbalanced Vata can irritate a Pitta to the point of explosion. And Pittas are not wonderfully forgiving when something blows up in their face. If you are the culprit, dear Vata, make sure you can smooth their peacock feathers!

Kaphas, on the other hand, understand what it’s its like to be misunderstood. Kaphas are very grounded, quite protective of their friends and family, and can be very loving. When you mix the qualities of Vata and Kapha, you get heavy, dry, and cold. Vata and Kapha share the quality of cold, so too much movement (topics flying!) and miscommunication from you, dear Vata, can cause the Kapha to become more reserved and withdrawn. And Kaphas have been known to hold a grudge for years! Work on your communication skills, dear Vata. Calm down a little and be sensitive to others as well as to yourself, and all will be forgiven, even rosy!

Positive Vata Adjectives:

  • Creative
  • Inspired
  • Energetic


  • Fast
  • Sensitive


  • Indecisive
  • Unpredictable
  • Overly sensitive

Your best match: Pitta/Kapha

Ayurvedic body types are popular and fun, but not very practical for improving your current health. If you have an imbalance, it is more important to focus on correcting the imbalance first, regardless of your Prakriti or body type. Our dosha quiz is designed to help identify which of the 3 doshas needs balancing, if you cant decide balance vata.

Relationships are based on balance

When your doshas are balanced-you are living the unique balance of the 3 doshas that is your nature or Prakritti- you will be radiantly happy, blissful and most able to enjoy all your relationships. Problems and strain occur when we are out of balance – then the not so healthy and not so easy to live with aspects of any dosha are on show. The key to successful relationships is to balance the underlying fundamental principals of mind and body, the 3 doshas. Consult an Ayurveda practitioner to get tailored recommendations to help u regain your Prakritti. Then at least twice a year to prevent imbalances before symptoms occur. One very complete and profound way to balance the doshas and dissolve stress and strain is through regular experience of the field of pure consciousness, your most settled state of inner awareness. Ayurveda incorporates traditional techniques like Meditation to enliven this fundamental level of mind and body- creating complete health, freedom and more compatible relationships.

Successful relationships are based on your ability to give, when you are tired and strained you don’t have so much to give……..watch this 3 minute Maharishi video on relationships.