Dear Kapha’s we love you even when you’re typically stubborn. Your stubbornness isn’t all bad though, in fact it’s not bad at all, considering you are usually the people others rely on to make difficult decisions and stick things through. You live life at a royal ,considered pace.

The source of your attachment is a place of love and caring, so your mantra should be lightheartedness and forgiveness. Rather than try to analyze every single infinitesimal outcome, pick three possibilities and close the book. People will love the caring you put into your work, without being overwhelmed with details. Learn to be dispassionate about this, it will help you overcome your tendency towards attachment.

Kapha professions:

When you work with other Kapha types the pace can grind to a stand still, accounting, book keeping, labouring and farming are good professions. They utilise your stable, steady and strong qualities. Counseling, mentoring and negotiating are also possibilities. You are likeable, caring, nurturing, patient and ‘down to earth’- of course because kapha dosha is predominated by the element earth! Kapha’s make great mothers.

Compatibility with other dosha types:

If you live with other Kapha’s get a house keeper, and choose a home with lots of storage! Kapha’s accumulate stuff, children and hang onto possessions. In relationships you will be possessive, jealous and sometimes slow to change, forgive or let go of hurt when out of balance. If you keep kapha in check you are capable of unconditional love, deep affection, and forgiveness.

Pitta types may light your fire but soon their perfectionism may disrupt the methodical settled lifestyle you enjoy. You both love to eat. Unfortunately the foods pitta’s desire will have you packing on the pounds and feeling heavy, dull and lethargic. Your settled pace- kapha’s move like an elephant- will cause a pitta mate to over frustrate!

Vata partners will create some balance- you are opposites in many ways, sometimes opposites attract and the fusion is perfect. You are heavy, stable, moist, reserved, and quiet. Vata’s are light, quick, dry, effervescent, chatterboxes. Both vata and kapha are cold dosha’s so expect a huge heating bill that the vata will forget to pay and kapha in you wont get around to paying!

Ayurvedic body types are popular and fun, but not very practical for improving your current health. If you have an imbalance, it is more important to focus on correcting the imbalance first, regardless of your Prakriti or body type. Our dosha quiz is designed to help identify which of the 3 doshas needs balancing, if you cant decide balance vata.