MAHARISHI: “unwinding of the stress is a process that is natural to our constitution. Our nervous system – not only our human nervous system – every nervous system is so built that it will by nature throw out any abnormality that is there.

Now, lots of fatigue we gather during working during the day, the system can not work anymore, it sleeps. Sleep is a natural phenomenon which is the result of a stressed system. And with this rest this stress goes away, the fatigue goes away, it is fine.

So, the nervous system is already built such that it will not accumulate any more functional stress. It will stop to function when the stress has come to a certain level – it won`t function. And then with the rest, it will start to be energetic again. In the morning it will function again. In the night it will rest again. This is a natural thing with our nervous system — certain deep gone stresses due to our experiences in daily life.

When the system is resting and the general fatigue is neutralising, then due to the rest some areas begin to unwind. Due to this activity some mental activity takes place and then one sees dreams, hazy, illusory experiences in dreams are also the result of unwinding of the stress which is a natural process going on in the fatigued nervous system.

Now, in meditation the mind goes deeper, the metabolic rate becomes less, much deeper rest is gained than one gets in deep sleep. Due to this deep rest, more deep rooted stresses begin to unwind themselves. Due to that we get some thought. This is the role of thought during meditation that they arise out of the unwinding of some deep stresses.

This unwinding of stress is a natural process that goes on in the body in order that the body should function more and more naturally. Certain situations arise and maybe some boil comes up here. This boil is due to the same tendency of the nervous system to throw out abnormality. Some pain, something, something are thrown out of the system. The whole body is so constructed that it wants to take care of itself — doesn’t want any foreign material…If some thorn is goes in the body it doesn’t want to bear it, it wants to throw it out. The system is so constructed that it takes care of itself.

A process which naturally goes on in sleep, it naturally goes on during meditation, there is nothing special about it. Only when we have known this that all negative thoughts may have something to do with the unwinding of the stress, just this knowledge. And how we make use of this knowledge? Instead of allowing our mind to be haunted by those negative thoughts, we close the eyes, put the mind in the activity on the physical system, and by virtue of feeling the activity, the mind is not contaminated by negativity. It just allows the unwinding to go out and is not spoilt. This is the practical advantage of this knowledge of unwinding of stress.

Any time, no matter what time, wherever you may be, if you begin to feel negative, no matter on what, on your friend, on your enemy, on your relation, on anything, on the road, on the government, on the police, on anything. If you begin to feel negative, close the eyes and feel the body and get it out. This is the practical use of this knowledge of unwinding. Otherwise there can be no ending to your wasting energy, wasting time and wasting life on certain whim that your mind may pick up during the unwinding — I must do that and I must do that and I must do that. Mad after doing that — in the end nothing comes out.

When that impulse goes away, then you return from there. What is the use of moving on impulses like that? So wisdom demands that if we known the mechanics of a certain aspect, we make use of it in daily life.

Any time, any negative feeling towards anyone — now, we have the gauge in our own Self. How to gauge that a particular negative feeling is resulting from the unwinding or it is a genuine feeling towards that man? How to gauge it, how to examine it? By closing the eyes and just letting the attention be on the body in a very natural way. If there is no sensation anywhere, absolutely no sensation anywhere, then we can feel justified that it is that man who is throwing that vibration on to me. But if we find any slight sensation here or there, anywhere any little bit, by feeling that little bit in half a minute, two minutes it goes away and you open the eyes, immediately your mind will go on something else and that aspect of mood is gone.

Otherwise, in any negative mood, if you go on doing something, then it won’t be good, it won’t be useful, it won’t be beneficial. So we take that moment of negative mood out of it. We hit at the root, we meet it at its start and don’t allow our psychology to build up, because any wrong understanding may just grow up and grow up. And you start taking action on that will spoil your whole future.

The wisdom of unwinding is to save us from falling into negative actions, negative performances, into negativity. Because falling into negativity means inviting more suffering, misery due to lack of foresight. This is the use of this knowledge of unwinding. We don’t have to keep on thinking always, but always we are ready to make use of it”….