Less stress = more stress resistant

A recently published study in Scientific American measured cortisol levels in blood of meditators who were practising automatic transcending in meditation, 4 months after learning the practise. And compared blood samples of non meditators while asleep to these meditators while in activity It found the meditators where 14% less stressed in the day than the non meditating group while asleep!

Stress creates a vicious circle: More stress creates more stress.

Stress is a vicious circle. The more stressed we are, the easier we will gain more stress. Under stress, we more easily lose our balance, get into arguments or fights, and become even more stressed. Stress also blocks creativity, making it more difficult to find solutions for problems. Being faced with a problem that we can’t solve is just one more stress to add to the pile!

Transcending helps to turn this circle around. If the body starts to remove stress, it can start to function more normally. More normal functioning means that we spontaneously remain more calm, more ourselves. Rest neutralises stress. So, if we can remain calm continuously, stress will simply make less of an impression on us. The body will become more and more efficient in removing stress, not only during meditation but even during what is ordinarily stressful activity. It is like drawing a line on water – while we draw it, it is automatically removed.

We can measure the impact on stress objectively. Research has shown us that show that practitioners who are transcending in  meditation will, after an average of 3 months of regular practice, also remain a lot calmer outside their meditation, as measured by 4 different variables:

– Heart Rate,
– Oxygen Consumption,
– Galvanic Skin Resistance and
– The Stress Hormone, Plasma Lactate.
(This study shows the average values of the effect of 31 different studies, American Psychologist 42: 879–881, 1987)

If practitioners are exposed to a stressful stimulus, studies show that they also return to balance a lot faster. One can objectively measure how big a person’s resistance to stress is and studies suggest that transcending has a strongly positive effect. This research was published in Psychosomatic Medicine 35: 341–349, 1973.

Reduction of stress, in itself, is actually a side benefit of what really happens – we get back in contact with our true inner nature and everything inappropriate starts to melt away.