Kapha dosha is predominated by the elements of water and earth.

Kapha governs strength, endurance and stamina. Kapha is responsible for structure, forming fat, muscle, bone and sinew, and fluid balance throughout the body. When excess Kapha – more than your unique natural balance- accumulates in your body you may experience excess fluid,mucous, edema, fluid retention etc. And excess structure in the form of weight gain.

When kapha is out of balance

Excess Kapha you may feel complacent, dull or lethargic and be overweight, have slow digestion, experience heaviness, a tendency to over sleep. Sinus congestion and allergies are also common as the principle set of Kapha is in the chest. Kapha imbalance can make you resistant to change- so huge congratulations for taking this step and opening yourself up to these simple few recommendations to implement into your daily routine.

Do the easy things first, and add some new point every few days. Excess kapha can make you feel overattached or possessive about curent elements of your diet or daily routine so keep that in mind as you read through these tips. As kapha dosha comes back into balance it will become easiler and easier to follow these recommendations until you naturally desire that which is good for you. It is only in the state of imbalance that the harmful is seen as useful and the useful as harmful-this is called Pragyaparadh in Ayurveda. It is the underlying cause of all imbalances and disease.

In Ayurveda “like increases like,” and our doshic personalities and doshic tendencies play a large part in our ability to both achieve our goals and to hold us back.

Kapha Qualities

The qualities of kapha dosha are naturally the qualities of earth and water. Heavy, solid, cold, soft, unctuous, sweet, steady, moist and slow by nature. Kapha will be imbalanced, excess beyond your normal quantity, when you partake activities which increase these qualities.

Kapha is imbalanced by:

  • Excessive rest and sleep
  • excessive food intake
  • insufficient excercise
  • not enough variety in life
  • heavy, unctuous or cold foods
  • too much sweet, sour and salty food
  • cold, wet weather

Kapha will be returned to balance by partaking in:

  • Vigorous regular excercise
  • pungent, bitter and astringent foods- spices are your new best friends
  • warm, light foods
  • warm, dry environment
  • fruits, vegetables and legumes
  • Kapha tea, aroma oil and Kapha spice mixes.
  • Be Trim tea

When Kapha is  back in balance
Your reward for re establishing balance in Kapha dosha will be huge-you will be affectionate, compassionate, forgiving, steady emotionally, relaxed, have good stamina, stability, methodical steady progress and natural resistance to sickness. Well worth the initial effort to get started and implement change.