Anyone desiring or needing to improve their health will have to overcome one big problem, will power!

There is a law of nature that you can turn to your advantage and Ayurveda has the knowledge and modalities to maximise it for you.

Like attracts like.

If you are out of balance your dosha’s will be out of balance and your nervous system is likely to have chemical and structural imbalances reflecting this. You keep repeating old bad habits and day after day they accumulate into the seeds of disease and distress. A fancy way of saying you are harboring stress. And stress acts as an interference system to your thoughts.

Trying to eat well, fulfill that New Years resolution, exercise, even turning off the TV and get an early night can be a struggle. Failing to have the strength to overcome years of bad habits can lead to a cycle of more unhealthy thoughts, and behavior.

Your are a reflection of your nervous system

It’s an uphill struggle. You are, after all, fighting against your own nervous system. Watching too much TV, emotional eating, cigarette smoking, recreational drugs, alcohol, bad language, negative thoughts, are all expressions of what’s inside radiating out, or to put it another way, behavior associated with the style in which your nervous system is functioning. If you don’t change this underlying factor it will be an uphill battle to implement change.

In an unhealthy mind/body :The harmful is seem as useful and the useful as harmful.

The eternal is seen as effemeral, fleeting, and the fleeting as eternal. -Charak

This is the definition of Pragyapradh, the cause of all disease and suffering according to the ancient text of Ayurveda – Charak samhita.

The mind leads the body– after all consciousness transforms into matter.

Think of the mind like an ocean. Every thought you have bubbles up from the source of thought, (pure consciousness) just like a bubble does in water.

The mind is driven towards evolution- to help you move in the direction of more and more, so it wants you to change and get healthy. This is the nature of the mind. Experiencing more than the most-unbounded pure consciousness, the source of all thought and matter, is so appealing for the mind. Ayurveda utilises unique modalities of consciousness to effortlessly transcend the surface levels of the conscious mind and settle to finer and finer levels until the conscious mind transcends thinking and is consciousness. It is a bit like a wave settling down and becoming the ocean.

Individual mind instead of associating with the senses and outside, dives within and re connects with it’s Self. And we know whatever we put our attention on increases in our lives. Transcending regularly enlivens pure consciousness- the source of all thought and all matter. This enlivens the bodies inner healing mechanisms, wakes up it’s homeostatic balancing mechanisms and creates an upsurge of coherence, orderliness and balance in the mind and body.

Ayurveda -the knowledge of life

Add to this the unique knowledge of how to live life available in Ayurveda. Knowledge of balancing the dosha’s with individualised diet, daily and seasonal routines. What starts out as ‘I need energy to run this system‘ may pop on the surface mind as ‘hot chips, yum yum‘-especially if vata dosha is out of balance. Vata imbalance will make you crave what is good to balance vata because the mind is geared for progress. Warm, salty, oily and heavy, foods will balance vata dosha and be strongly desired when your nervous system has vata imbalance type stress, strain and chemical imbalances in it. Unfortunately without the knowledge of Ayurveda lively in our culture, reaching for a sweet fresh date or cup of vata balancing vata tea probably isn’t going to be second nature- although more balancing to vata without the side effects of hot chips.

Balancing the dosha’s is the first step to balancing the body. Effortless transcending dissolves physical and chemical stress and balances the mind. By purifying the mind/body you balance your nervous system and change the quality of your thoughts. Then what is useful is effortless desired and will power becomes obsolete.

A few days after implementing the tailored knowledge from a personal consultation clients experience the relief and joy of ease increasing in their lives. The complete approach of Ayurveda to change is proven to successfully overcome years of bad habits and get your nervous system back on level ground.

Within a few weeks greater balance in your nervous system at fundamental levels results in level ground, those deep behaviours, habits and nagging desires which held you in negative patterns have leveled out. Your new more balanced dosha’s and nervous system set you up for more healthy desires, spontaneously! That’ like attracts like’ law is working in your favor.

From here there isn’t far to go, just maintain this behavior and thru accumulation naturally a slight shift will occur and once the see saw tips- big smile, the rest of your journey is downhill.

The harmful is seen as useful and useful as harmful has been replaced with spontaneous thought and action in accord with natural law, or desiring that which is truly nourishing and creates progress for you. This behavior, diet, or exercise you are effortlessly achieving may not be common, or commercially correct but you are desiring what is right for you Intuitively choosing stir fry over hot chips, or a Pilates class rather than a coffee and gossip ‘catch up’ and guess what-seem to be forgetting to reach for that cigarette!!? The underlying stress and strain that acted as an interference pattern for your thoughts has dissolved and your have that will power, but it is effortless, doing what you desire without mindfulness, or straining against your self. Now this is healthy!