Don’t change your lifestyle, just change your mind! Let me explain, if not then at least let me entertain you.
-Some people come to natural therapies because they like the rules, these rules tell less creative types, people who aren’t in the flow of life and wired for intuition how to cope with life. Problem is these imposed rules then quickly become a strain because you are fighting against your nervous system. Unfortunately strain always results when the mind and body are out of sink. No matter how much you care for someone else it is never going to be healthy to have another’s rules imposed on you. So love your significant others but don’t nag them to eat well, exercise or be positive, in reality ‘A happy man can eat a rock and turn it into bliss’.

Your thoughts and desires are a natural reflection of your nervous system, using self discipline (following the rules) and conscious positive thinking to re route thoughts (mindfulness), is just projecting a lie and ultimately stressful. Stressful for you because this lack of naturalness is being projected through your nervous system and stressful for others because it’s detectable in your behavior and the very quality of the ‘sound’ your projecting out through your thoughts, speech and action.

Judgement creates barriers of control

-You can only judge anyone’s level of consciousness from your own,
‘The world is as you are’. If your not coping with someone’s behavior it might be because your not flexible enough…OR the guy you are seeing is a narcissist and you should run away!

-Very few people end up in the profession they went to uni to study for – I was a fashion designer in a previous life, fancy that! (whole other conversation about the merits of education) Most of us end up working in a field that, if we are awake, allows us to witness what we are doing and say very quietly inside, yep need to walk my talk…ps never date a councilor….or marry a builder OR we are so awesome we can inspire others by whispering very quietly some home truths that jolt them out of there slumber- pretty sure I am in the latter category.

Consequently I don’t have much to do with other people in ‘natural therapies’ most have very unhealthy self talk because their knowledge is intellectually based and they are allergic to fun. Basically under all the hype they believe life is a struggle. In the words of the great man himself-” Life was not designed to be a struggle-the nature of life is Bliss” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

What is spirituality anyway?

-Real spirituality (don’t like the term actually) is enjoying freedom within the boundaries and takes alot of creative intelligence to pull off. Many ‘spiritual’ types are hippies, think they are into polyamorous relationships or totally ungrounded and denounce the profane beauty of the material world. I like my life simple with 2 sugars please. I live 200% of life, 100% outer and 100% inner value. I spend a bit of time everyday to get my mind and my body in shape then it’s a completely natural expression- what’s inside radiates out. Hence I currently like popular music loud and dance while driving but I don’t like nightclubs and crowds because you cant talk or choose the songs! I’m bored with talk back radio but the car radio button is all worn down for listening to it heeps last year. On other days I’d rather soak at Peninsula Hot Springs-well most days I’d rather go to the hot springs, especially when it’s winter as it’s a glorious way to settle vata dosha which is aggravated by cold, erratic weather. The natural spring waters are silky smooth, non drying and luxurious. Vata dosha loves a little luxury! Comfort enables smoothness in our mind and emotions…

Be truly healthy and culture a level of consciousness that transcends the average definition- being lack of disease- and culture a state of being that desires what’s healthy for you!  Ayurveda is traditionally consciousness based health care, it’s based on the principle of the mind leading the body-actually on the principle that consciousness creates mind and body. The value of this more subtle and yet more profound approach to health is in it’s simplicity and naturalness which results in one very effective technology to end up with a healthier you, healthier community and better planet we call home.

Ultimately taking your significant other to a yoga class, investing in learning to meditate(properly), out for a walk in the sunrise or picnic in the mountains may be better for both of you than enforcing ideals of food and lifestyle based on mental discrimination. If that sounds too hard bless them with your compassion, and an Alma Berry tablet twice a day!