Raw food had a big moment, while juicing and salads are part of our Australian multi cultural food landscape. But are we really getting increased benefits when eating this uncooked raw food?

The ancient seers who cognised the knowledge of Ayurveda-literal translation means knowledge of life- had a level of consciousness that was all knowing. They percieved the delicate ebb and flow of an action(or thought) and its reaction or effect on our health and well being. In this context: how eating certain foods would impact the mind and body.

Ayurveda explains to us that cooked cook is more nourishing than the same food taken raw. Ayurveda descibes fruits, nuts and many products as ripe or cooked by the sun. I remember sitting in our backyard as a child picking warm fruit from the tree and eating it, hmmm so good, its was sun ripened and ready to eat, full of solar energy! These days fruits are often picked green and unripe so they dont spoil during transit to stores in other states or countries. Currently we are importing NZ avocados at super cheap prices while our local farmers are throwing away crops or selling them at below cost price.

Ever wondered by winter avos are brown in the middle?? The supermarkets then freeze the local avos to sell later, out of season at high prices

When we cook the food there is a molecular interaction between the oil or ghee, water, salt and spices with the food that enhances the livers function and the absorption of nutrients into our cells. Uncooked broccoli doesnt digest well.

Cooking doesnt leach out goodness the overall goodness recieved by the cell is more when the tough cellulose is softened with cooking.

Prana the energy that keeps us alive enters the body thru all the openings in the head and travels down the spine and to every cell in your bodies. Prana is made from the flow of the energies from the sun and moon and is captured in vegetables. To process these energies into our cells we need to add agni/fire element to metabolise the goodness. When we cook vegetables we add the vibration of agni heat which makes these energies available to our cells.

Ojas is the most refined end product of digestion which is produced when all 7 tissues levels are nourished. To create ojas from our food Ayurveda takes great care to give us all the knowledge needed to improve digestion and metabolism as ojas is the elixor of life, it gives strength, immunity, longevity and a blissful state of mind! Ojas transforms into neurotransmittors and hormones.  Ojas lubricates the stomach brain and nervous system. When we dont cook the food instead of creating ojas we create ama from the food. Ama cloggs the channels of the body and results in stiffness, heaviness, and ill health. For example: The Ayurvedic seers advised of compomds in vegetables that when uncooked would be detrimantal to our health. *

Its not whats on the plate but how much goodness reaches inside the cell that determines good health.

Adding ghee to vegetables when cooking provides the oil needed to transport the goodness of your veggies across the cell wall which is made of cholesterol. The spices create enzyme reactions which aid in digestion.

Join our next Ayurvedic cooking class where I demo this method of cooking veggies.

Raw veggies are cold light and dry-or vata aggrevating, these quaities will increase in your body when you eat raw food.

For example: When juicing raw veg you will see a white foam develop, this is the excess vata that is evaporated and removed during the cooking process. This foam will disrupt absorption in the lower intestines. so the net result is less nutrients from raw veg.

Some raw vegetables occassionally in summer is okay but salads and raw food in large quantities consistently will not be helpful if you wish to experience a healthy lifestyle.


*We now know that kale cauliflower cabbage contain chemicals which depress the thyroid gland but when cooked they are reduced by 70 %. due to evaporation Spinach and green leafy veg contain oxilates which pull the minerals out of our bones and can create kidney stones but again if cooked these reduce by 60%.