If you’re looking for a way to increase your energy and vitality this season, look no further than high vibrational foods. Everything on Earth has a vibration because it is made up of energy. However, when we say high vibrational foods, we mean foods that are closest to their natural form and carry the energy of the Earth and the Sun.. With that in mind, plants are the closest thing to pure energy that humans can consume and the more plants you eat, the more you can feel your vibration lift. Any kind of fruit will boost your enrgy but berries are in a league of their own being juicy seed carriers. Think freshly prepared juices and raw food taken with fresh ginger added to boost digestion, these are a great way to boost energy.

The best way to consume more high vibrational foods is to opt for plantbased foods from a homegrown garden or the farmers market as often as possible. Food found in a grocery store often travel many miles in a truck —  also carries a vibrational experience — and is therefore less fresh, or holds less of that Earth and Sun energy. Leafy greens spend their days basking in the sunshine and are full of this energy. That being said, if you do not have the option of a backyard garden or local farmers market, you can raise a food’s vibrational effect by expressing gratitude and being mindful about how the food is engaging with your body.


You are what you eat


As far as the benefits are concerned high vibrational foods are incredibly nourishing. Not only do these foods supply beautiful phytonutrients and antioxidants that support health, they will also digest well and make you feel great! Consuming a diet full of these types of foods can make people feel lighter, more connected, and enhance mental clarity. High vibrational foods can help your body balance its doshas/energy centres. Interesting to note that eating foods that correlate to the guiding colour of a planet can help you find balance in that area.

Green is the colour associated with vata, blue with pitta and red with kapha, you may be familiar with our packaging and have noticed these colours are used to identify which dosha products balance. Red is a warming stimulating colour and relates to fiery planets like mars and the sun, which will counteract too much kapha, a cold slow heavy dosha. Good luck much finding much healthy blue food – this colour relates to watery, moist foods which will cool the heat of pitta dosha. Looking at the moon(which often appears slightly blue), water play or swimming etc all balance pitta dosha. Too many or raw greens should be avoided but warm freshly cooked greens balance have high vibrational energy, balancing out the often fatigued vata type who overdoes their activity. Balanced planetary influences along with balanced doshas and energy centres”agni’s” can lead to a stronger flow of energy through your body and greater emotional and physical health.


Children and mental capabilities

Ayurveda links most learning problems to eating food that is lacking in intelligence. By this we mean junk food, food that is not fresh, and food laced with chemicals. Food lacking in intelligence disturbs the intellect and mind, and it disrupts the intellectual rhythm between dhi, dhriti, and smriti. Dhi (the power of acquisition or learning), dhriti (the power of retention), and smriti (the ability to recall). When the three mental functions are not in balance, either individually or in their coordination with one another, then learning problems can crop up.

Children are naturally more sensitive than adults. Modern researchers are just discovering the link between learning disorders and harmful food additives such as the chemical food preservatives BHT and BHA, the cake-rising agent calcium silicate, and other colorings, flavorings, and emulsifiers.

Unfortunately, these harmful food additives and preservatives are found in most packaged foods. Artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives can cause more allergic reactions in children because they are more sensitive than adults.

When children are eating “unintelligent” food, they are not nourishing the mind with minerals, vitamins, and other aspects of nature’s intelligence. And modern researchers confirm ancient Ayurvedic wisdom—that any nutritional deficiency can result in diminished mental function. Diet is the primary focus for enhancing mental ability because even herbal compounds won’t work if the child is eating unintelligent food.

High Vibrational Foods to Eat Regularily

Eating seasonally is another way to increase your body’s vibrations and reap the benefits of high vibrational foods. Legumes are tightly packed bundles of nutrients. Spices are a way to riase the vibration of fooods. Here are some of the best plant-based foods to consume for increased vitality when they are in season.


Nuts are a great snack if taken natural not heated or salted.


Pink salt

Raw Himalayan salt will increase your vibration.



Consuming apples is a great way to add in high vibrations to any diet. Not only will they raise your vibration, they are also full of fiber and a powerful antioxidant [called] quercetin. Stewed apples cooked with cloves, fresh ginger cinnamon and star anaise makes a wonderful breakfast. Being green they give away their predominant role to balance vata


Root vegetables are abundant in the cold weather season. And, these red jewels are bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, root vegetables supply a grounding energy, which can be helpful if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Grated into salads in summer and cooked into dishes in cooler months they balance kapha predominantly, given away by their red colour.


Herbs are some of my favorite high vibrational foods. They offer nuanced, therapeutic benefits that have been demonstrated by science and that you can feel if you really tune in. This favorite Italian herb has a natural oil that supports health with its antimicrobials, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.



Citrus fruits are in season during the winter months and offer an uplifting energy that can help get your body and mind in motion. They are also great for the immune system because they are “full of vitamin C.” Ensure you add a squeeze of citrus to your greens to improve the uptake of iron.


Sweet Potatoes

Because they are grown in the ground, sweet potatoes (like beets) offer grounding energy while raising your vibration. Sweet potatoes are also high in beta-carotene and are one of the only plant foods that supply biotin.


Leafy Greens

Greens are another great way to increase your body’s vibrations as their energy is almost pure sunlight. In the winter, consuming collard greens gives the body a boost of vitamins C and A. Additionally they grow toward the sun, delivering a light and uplifting energetic quality.



This favorite citrus is rich in beneficial vitamin C. And, adding a squeeze of lemon juice to your water, tea, or soup can quickly shift your energy to a place of clarity and presence.



Incorporating mint into your winter diet can support digestive health, which is an important foundation of overall health. Additionally, it delivers a refreshing and high vibrational energy.

Mint Chutney recipe

Blitz a bunch of mint with salt and 1-2 teaspoons of raw unheated honey for a delicious and high vibrational chutney or sauce side dish, please do not heat the honey! Serve immediately, great on lentil burgers.

As we meditate more our perception refines, take the time to check out the energy of the fresh food you are selecting when shopping, ‘they look great’ often relates to super fresh in season items with high life force in tact-high vibrational foods.