In the years when Maharishi was with us we had the indulgence and delight of asking Him directly. In the last 15 years I learned to be simple, I learned to keep my mind open, and to see with my heart as well as with my eyes. The biggest questions often have simple answers. Here are a few Im often asked:

***Can peace be the basis of lasting happiness ? ***

There is nothing outside that is stable enough to satisfy you or bring deep peace and the comfort  of feeling ‘at home’.

Especially now, in the dynamically changing world environment we live in 

Meditation and the repeated experience of that immortal steady stabile state which is your essential nature is the only certainty and this creates expansive peace on the inside.

“Unless that greatest happiness is gained, peace is not going to be permanent – that is an established principle of life.

Now, the attainment of that happiness, is a simple affair because it lies within us. It is the Truth of life, the ultimate absolute principle of Being. Through meditation we get to that. And once that is tapped, once the source of that great happiness is tapped, the mind becomes contented.

That contented state of mind is natural peace. And once that comes, peace last throughout the day, throughout all the thick and thin of life… whatever it is.

This simple system of meditation is the technique of having lasting peace in the day-to-day life.

Peace on the basis of happiness will be lasting.”

–Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1960


***Chanting requires concerntration isnt TM just like chanting?***

Yes, chanting is good and useful but mantras become most powerful when being experienced in finer levels of thinking during transcending. Ive spend decades teaching TM and the majority of my time is spent teaching technique-how to use the mantra!

meditation teacher

***Why do we recommend transcending meditation techniques in Ayurveda health care.?

(This question often relates to self discipline-see my Jan 2023  journal piece for more on this)

I was working with a new Ayurveda client this week. She was a yoga teacher and had developed her own meditation practice. She, alike many newer to vedic knowledge, didnt understand why transcending in meditation and TM were specifically linked to Ayurveda. There are two reasons why transcending in meditation is an integral part of Vedic knowledge and especially AyurVeda:

1. Using and enjoying the powerful effects of specific mantras enlivens the bodies own inner intelligence, re setting our DNA-re setting our source code reminding cells and organs how to operate properly!

2. Transcending all thinking and mantra, reaching Being, pure Consciousness, thereby removes the essential cause of diseases: Pragyāparādh, mistake of intellect. This mistake of the intellect is responsible for all suffering in life, ie are we there yet! or ” iI dont like the sound of that recommendation.”

When the harmful is seen as useful and the useful is seen as harmful.

The eternal is seen as ephemeral,(fleeting) and the fleeting as eternal

Experiencing innocently the state of Being or Pure Consciousness, or the Transcendent, IS THE FIELD your DNA draws on to make 3 trillion cells a week. Your awareness touching that field enlivens it and re sets the code, this is called epi genetics by modern science. TM is just the simplest and most reliable way to access the transcendent and at the most fundamental level enliven your DNA to correct any mistakes. The side effect is your ststate of balance improves and spontaneoulsy you start to desire to improve your diet, lifestyle, exercise and experiences. These side effets of TM all contribute to your ongoing health and well being.

If we want to easily improve our diet, reduce screen time, loose weight, improve our memory etc just sit and transcend for 20 minutes twice a day!




Got a question? send it to me and if iI have an answer I will add it here.