The most under rated skill in the business world today.

The ability to take a step back, regain your calmness and creativity (coherent brain functioning) and see the bigger picture.

Teddy Rooservelt exercised for 2 hours every afternoon, often a hike in nature.

To relax and replenish your energies is the most under appreciated leadership strength. Energy is not infinite and we have to work out a way to regenerate. Let your body and your mind relax and regenerate. Time to think is crucial, not in meditation, after when the brain is coherent and running ideas thru a greater number of the areas of the brain-after meditation you think comprehensively and see the issue from different points of view- more creativity  You will get the break through easily if you change your level of consciousness.

Einstein said “You cant solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that created it.”

So, how do you re-wire your brain, raise the level of consciousness, you build in time to meditate. Then your life will have more balance, family, friends, fun and socialising as important aspects, then we can build a life to enjoy after we finish work. How, you will be refreshed your work hours more effective and time will open up in your schedule when you add time with your eyes closed!

It’s the experience your nervous system has during meditation thats important, not how effective you judge the session to be. Transcending in meditation is an experience that leads to restful alertness, a unique state that cultures calm clarity, and spontaneous right action. This is how leaders upgrade their performance during the day.

Make the best decision you can with the information you have, collect the info, leave it and go meditate, transcending will create that brain coherence to upgrade your level of consciousness. After meditation make a decision with your intuition switched on. Meditate is the tool to make insightful decisions, but remember, after meditation not during and not meditating on the question-this is contemplation directing the mind to explore the surface payers of thinking, like swimming up and down. Contemplation innately creates theta wave activity in the brain. Theta is the pre cursor to sleep, dopey and dreamy, it switches off alertness and higher functioning areas of the brain. Transcending in meditation-the type of meditation I teach here in Melbourne, innately creates orderly brain functioning and alpha waves alertness-the perfect state in which to make the best decision.

Seeing the bigger picture occurs spontaneously after experiencing transcending. During transcending the whole brain is switch on in Alpha A1 waves. And importantly, the brain has settled down effortlessly to experience its own most silent state of awareness, the consciousness mind is experiencing consciousness. Awake alert AND still, we call it restful alertness. In this state having gone beyond the finest bubble of thought and experiencing awareness, the mind is no longer held in an small isolated experience it is free of thought. And the mind expands, the whole brain fires in a coherent whole, our brain comes online. Fore the brain like this and you will wore it to fire using more of your brain-this is being the bigger picture-ah ha thats the path we shall take.

Suzanne has been teaching meditation in Melbourne for 25 years, learn how to transcend in meditation re wire your brain and change everything from within. Personal coaching, corporate wellness programs with real skill development, and keynote speaking.