Much deeper inner calm

Experience the deepest level in meditation, the most silent state of awareness—more expansive and free from the limitations of self-doubt, controlling thoughts and fatigue.

Learn the self sufficient meditation practise that resets your mind and body, building resilience to stress and uncertainty.

There are 3 types of meditation, each have very different benefits. You may have tried focusing on your breath or guided meditations – transcending is uniquely different, easier, more effective, and everyone can do it when taught by an accomplished teacher.

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More than relaxation, the experience of transcending is the opposite of the stress response! Learn the meditation that resets your nervous system to build resilience.

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Meditation Courses

Personal face to face instruction is the key to learning to meditate properly, the course is tailored to suit your unique learning style and nervous system. This is an immersive experience that sets you up with a life long practice.

I’ve been teaching people to transcend in meditation for 25 years– in Melbourne and Australia wide. Join me for a free live (online or in person) intro to meditation. Or if you’re ready to start, book straight into a course.

Now is the time to learn to meditate properly!

“A good teacher a good communicator can teach you more in 5 minutes than you can learn online watching and reading for years. Suzanne is one such teacher.”
– Rob C


We are all unique…

Each human being is born with a unique combination of 3 guiding principles or doshas, this natural balance is what is responsible for the physical, mental, and emotional differences among people. By identifying and re-establishing an individual’s Prakruti or essential nature, Ayurveda can help you re-create your own state of ideal health.

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“With 3 fingers on the radial pulse Suzanne had a full history and understood how I felt, then explained my symptoms to me. She then tailored recommendations, I’m really enjoying doing, that brought me back to wellness, invaluable knowledge that’s missing from healthcare today.”
– Melissa P

and Beyond

Living a healthy and well balanced lifestyle goes beyond meditation and diet. Vastu architecture understands how the building you live in will influence your experience of life. Vastu also considers the effects of orientation, location, room placement and direction to enhance your experience within the home. Whether you are renting, own or looking to buy, you can apply this knowledge to create ideal conditions to live and thrive.

There is a direct correlation between the planets moving in the solar system and the functioning of your mind and body. The planets have a huge effect on our thoughts, emotions and our health. Knowing when is the best time to start a venture or avoid travel. Which skills you are best to develop for a fulfilling career, when is the best time to start a new venture, buy a house, pop the question? Hey, are we even compatible? Think of it like a roadmap for life.

Our pandits with generations of knowledge will share practical insight, answers and advice in your Jyotish-eastern astrology consultation.

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Suzanne Edwards

Suzanne has studied Meditation, Ayurveda and Vedic knowledge in India, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. She became a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1995 and has taught continuously, throughout Melbourne for 25 years. Suzanne has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life: families, children, in healthcare, education and corporate business leading courses. She now teaches as an independent meditation teacher.

Suzanne is passionate about empowering people with techniques that enable them to re-engineer their lives inside and out. Her approach synthesises the best of modern science and ancient consciousness based practices. She dedicates herself solely to working with people to maximise performance and success in their personal and professional lives. You can benefit from her practical approach, deep knowledge and decades of experience.

Suzanne is an accomplished speaker who is a delight to learn from and as many testimonials reveal, known for her generosity, connection with clients and professionalism. She has endeared herself to many, it’s likely she will teach several generations of your family and friends. She feels blessed to live a unique union of career, passion and life purpose.

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